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Same Items Cost More In Some Cities


In Lodi, we bought a JCPenney Liz Claiborne purse for $35, with tax, it came out to $37.71. The same purse at JCPenney in Stockton costs $37.79. That’s because the sales tax in Stockton is more than the sales tax in Lodi.

A simple exchange could mean you’ll walk away with extra cash. It could also mean you walk away shelling out extra cash.

Throughout the valley tax rates vary since each city dictates its own rate. Roseville has some of the sales taxes in our area, coming in at about 7.2%.
Manteca, amongst the highest, at 8.2%. But, higher taxes can bring revenue to a city.

“This year, we’re thinking about a half percent increase here in Stockton, that will mean 200 plus officers on the street.” says Stockton Mayor elect.

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