Party Buses In Demand On New Year’s Eve

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Party buses are in high demand by New Year’s revelers who want to get home safely.

Glen Main of Baja Limo says it’s a way to get the party started earlier without the worry parking, DUI arrests or travel time.

“The party starts as soon as you get on board,” said Main.

Main’s 33 passenger bus is booked for a trip to San Francisco.  It’s equipped with laser lights, custom sound system, multiple flat screen T.V.’s and ice boxes stocked with champagne or other beverages that make it seem more like a night club than a bus.  His 45-passenger bus has even more amenities.

“People are really reluctant to drink and drive,” said Main whose been in the limousine business for 30 years.

The buses can pick up clients at home and drop them off there as well. A new law that takes effect tomorrow makes drivers responsible for limo and party bus passengers who get into their cars to drive home while drunk.  The law also requires a chaperone at least 25 years old to make sure any minor on a party bus doesn’t drink alcohol, something that can be a problem on prom nights.

Main said the law wasn’t needed as far as his business is concerned. He prefers to bus clients to their front door.  As for minors, Main said he’s never kids who have been drinking to get on his party buses.

“If you’re not 21 and there’s alcohol present you can’t get on the bus period.  You can’t do it in bars, you can’t do it on our party buses,” said Main.

Main said lawmakers should have concentrated instead on cracking down on unlicensed and uninsured party bus companies that operate unsafely.

“I think that’s what’s putting a black eye on the industry,” said Main.

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