Police Name Suspect in Deadly New Year’s Eve Shooting


Police say Carlito Montoya, 22, allegedly shot and killed two people and injured two others at the Sports Corner Bar in Old Sac on New Year’s Eve.

“He was always there for his family. He has a kid. He has a son. He was going to school.  He was a good dude,” said Monica an acquaintance of Montoya.

Witnesses described the alleged shooter just before he was arrested.

“He just kind of came running out and I think he stopped when he saw the police coming at him when they came on their horseback and had their guns drawn,” said Diane Correia.

Witnesses described the alleged shooter as a big man with dark hair.

Police say Montoya ran toward the crowded streets still armed before he was arrested.

“I don’t know if it is gang related or what it is, but why people choose to carry guns in crowded locations is beyond me,” said Mike Gray, who was in the New Year’s Eve crowd in Old Sacramento.


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