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Elderly Woman Put in Headlock by Bingo Hall Manager


Diana Dorsey says she was manhandled at Charity Bingo on Fulton Boulevard New Years Day.

“I am very embarrassed,” Dorsey told FOX40.

In the video, you can see a man Dorsey identifies as Joe Gomez put her in a headlock, and drag her out the door.

“I was very hurt and disgusted, and when they said they seen my clothes, my friends had called me and said, ‘we seen your clothes seen your bra.’ Where he had my blouse they said my body was all exposed,” said Dorsey.

Dorsey says this all arose over a comment she made to the manager Joe Gomez and some of his friends.

“I said out loud that my name was Diana Dorsey and I had just caught them cheating,” said Dorsey.

There’s no proof any cheating occurred. There’s just Dorsey’s word, and the video that her daughter posted to YouTube. What isn’t seen in the video, Dorsey says hurt even more.

“That’s when he grabbed on me and they all started pulling me to the door. Because where you see the video of me at the door, I have been carried 30 feet across the floor,” said Dorsey.

Dorsey admits that management did ask her to leave after she accused them of cheating. She refused because she had paid to play Bingo already. She also admittedĀ thatĀ distasteful words were said from both sides, and that Dorsey’s daughter did threaten to hit the manager with a small gaming device when she saw her mother being “man handled.”

“I told her, ‘Renee put that machine down. Put that machine down before he hurts you. Put it down,'” said Dorsey.

But the one question we had, that management at the facility refused to answer for us, why was a manager dragging out an elderly lady instead of the paid security guard. We tried to talk to Gomez but he refused to speak with us. His attorney is supposed to be contacting FOX40 Friday with their side of the story.