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New Year’s Eve Shooting: A Timeline of Events


In the two days since police say Carlito Montoya shot and killed two people and wounded two more, witnesses, family and police have begun to paint a nice picture of what happened inside of the Sports Corner Cafe in Old Sacramento on New Year’s Eve.

Witnesses and family say a drink was spilled on a woman. Police will not confirm if that woman is Christina Cordova, but police will say that everyone hurt or killed in the shooting was involved in the bar argument. Family say Christina’s husband, Gabriel Cordova, became involved in the argument.

Sacramento Police say that argument turned into a brawl, and that’s when bartender Daniel Ferrier tried to break up the fight.

Police say Montoya shot and killed Ferrier then turned his gun and shot Gabirel and Christina Cordova. Moments later, a security guard who heard the gun shots ran in. Security guard Stefan Walton says Montoya shot him twice before he turned his gun, shooting Montoya twice.

Montoya fled the bar after being shot, and was soon arrested. He is still in the hospital. Police say he will be charged with murder and attempted murder.

We also found out that Montoya did not have a concealed gun permeit, making it illegal for him to carry a gun under his clothing.