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Lawmaker Proposes ‘Homeless Bill of Rights’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


California State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco) has introduced the Homeless Bill of Rights, which would allow the homeless to do any life-sustaining activity on public property.

That includes sleeping, panhandling and even urinating.

“We think it’s time to begin establishing a set of laws to treat (the homeless) as human beings, which they are,” said Carlos Alcala, Ammiano’s communications director.

A homeless man identifying himself Kenneth has been on the streets of Sacramento for 12 years. He struggles to find food, shelter and water, and is in constant fear of being shot or mugged.

Joan Burke, who has worked with Sacramento Loaves and Fishes for the last 25 years, strongly supports Ammiano’s legislation.

“In Sacramento, we don’t have enough emergency shelters for the people who need shelters. Some of them need to sleep outside,” Burke told FOX40. “Our parks have locked up all the bathrooms. There is nowhere for people to go to the bathroom.”

Kenneth agrees.

“You make us feel like animals, then of course we’re going to start acting like animals,” he said.

But not everyone is on board, including midtown Vanilla Bean Gourmet Cupcakes employee Jasmine Lymas.

“They’re aggressive. Some are really aggressive,” she said. “They come into the store and growl at me.”

Lymas fears legislation like Ammiano’s could make things even worse.

Kai Beech filed this report.

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  • vera95608

    Great idea! Finally! I suggest we get home addresses of all legislators approving and supporting this "bill of rights" and set up homeless camp on public property in front of their houses…..

  • manly man humbum

    so vera- if this were a bill of rights addressing the need for equal rights of women thats all good and your a full supporter- but because it is a bill of rights addressing the need to ensure the rights of homeless people your ready to set it on fire huh? how is that women's right for equality movement comin along anyway? still the underdog huh?

  • humbum

    I agree vera! That is a great idea! and while we're at it, lets drum up a bill of rights to make sure there are equal rights for women too! and when we get the home addresses of legislators approving and supporting equal rights of women(which its pretty obvious there aren't at this point) then we can send in resumes of women who deserve a seat at the legislative branch but are'nt because they're discriminated based on gender- and they can have equal opportunity for those jobs as men do! of course then we still have racism to address as well. lots of work to do huh?

  • manly man humbum

    I was just checkin to see if you were being sincere in your comment or not vera? at first i thought you were. then i thought you might be bein sacrcastic and such. dont wanna speak outta context and all..

  • manly man humbum

    hey admin- do you think you could get it together over there so i can post a comment w/out having to break it up into segments? that would be dandy thanks!!

  • bigjimbo

    I disagree. homeless people dont deserve anything. they should sequester them into one area away from society and let them fend for themselves! We work hard and they are lazy bums!

    Though I do agree that women's rights are important and should be equal to a man's. Its too bad women dont have equal opportunity as men.

    And racism too. all people are created equal!

    Hey homeless- get a job like the rest of us hard workers!