State Sues over Gas Station Environmental Infractions

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


California Attorney General Kamila Harris has brought suit against Conoco Phillips and Phillips 66 for a spate of environmental infractions at gas stations all over California.

It’s a long, dirty list of allegations, from mishandling hazardous waste to tampering with safety monitoring equipment.

The Attorney General is going after a 76 station on Sunset Boulevard in Rocklin for keeping a 55 gallon drum with no cap, and for not having necessary permits.

But is it enough to put people off from pumping there?

“No,” said Chris Hunsaker, who fuels-up there. He says convenience is a more important factor in his decision. “This is nice,” he said.

But for those who would drive to another station, location has everything to do with that decision too.

“Being a resident in this area, I am concerned with the environment getting filled with the wrong stuff,” said Robert Fitzpatrick, another patron of the station.

But figuring-out where there might be cause concern isn’t easy.

There are 560 gas stations targeted by the lawsuit. 25 are identified by name. But if you’re worried you may be living next to one of the other 535, don’t ask the Attorney General. Her office put out a press release trumpeting the lawsuit, but refuses identify all the stations involved.

In addition to the station in Rocklin, there are 5 stations in Nevada County and at least one in Stanislaus County.

A spokesperson for Phillips 66, the company that now owns all the stations, said in an emailed statement that they will not answer questions about on-going litigation.

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