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Man Kidnaps, Rapes Sister

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Apolinar Cortez is facing kidnapping and rape charges in an incident involving his sister.


A man kidnapped his sister at knife point, raped her, and held her captive over a weekend before she was able to get away.

Investigators say Apolinar Cortez drove to Los Angeles with another man late Friday night, and they kidnapped the victim, threatening her life. The three of them then drove back to Planada, just east of Merced, to a converted shack where Cortez lived. The other man then left.

Cortez then raped the woman, identified later as his sister, again threatening her life if she tried to stop him. The woman was trapped inside the shed until Cortez left the following morning to get breakfast. At which time, she was able to escape and was able to get to a neighbor’s home.

The neighbors called sheriff’s deputies, who tracked down Cortez. He reportedly confessed to the crimes, telling investigators he was in love with his sister.

Deputies do not know what kind of relationship the two had before this incident, or how often they spoke to each other.

Cortez is being held for various charges on a $1.17 million bail.

His accomplice who drove down to Los Angeles has not been identified. Anyone with information about who he is, or about this incident, is asked to call Merced County Sheriff’s deputies at (209) 385-7472.

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