Shoplifiting Mom Claims Cops Were In The Wrong, Too

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Telesa Pearson loves cuddling her baby girl, but now there’s at least one time she wishes she wasn’t holding her close.

“He asked me if I had taken anything and at first I said no, but then of course I said yes,” said Pearson.

Pearson had 3-month-old Akira and 2-year-old Antoine in tow, when she struggled with security at a Sacramento Food Source store after being stopped for shoplifting.

“Peanut butter, snacks and things like that,” said Pearson, as she described what she took and hid in her baby’s car seat, underneath her baby.

Police say her illegal grab was actually $200 worth of things like that.

Still, after her husand showed up to take custody of the kids, the whole family was headed home.

Mom was walking away with just a citation, but then Joshua Head saw a dark bruise a security guard’s elbow supposedly left on his wife’s face.

He turned around, got in said guard’s face and got surprised by the reaction of the guard’s partner.

“Decked me right in my mouth and then both just got on me and the black guy choked me out,” said Head.

Eventually husband and wife were both locked into handcuffs; incorrectly, according to Pearson. And she says she should know, because she was once a security guard herself.

“If you don’t double lock it then you can cut off the circulation in someone’s hand,” said Pearson.

FOX40 went in to Food Source looking for the surveillance tape that could sort out this incident, but the store is owned by Raley’s and Raley’s doesn’t release those images.

Now, Pearson and Head’s check-out receipt from their time at Food Source includes cuts and bruises, and for Head, a supposed fractured rib,  from what they claim law enforcement took too far.

Police maintain the only force used was what was necessary to bring in a very uncooperative couple.

Pearson now faces charges of theft and child endangerment. Head is accused of resisting arrest.

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  • Ant

    Maybe I'm missing it. How were the COPS in the wrong? I didn't read anything in this article that mentions excessive force by a PEACE OFFICER. Hopefully you know the difference between a Security Guard ( Loss Prevention ) or was the headline just to get readership?

  • gos2pid916

    That is so ghetto! Stealing groceries then on the news, saying someone else is wrong and with your kids.. that's sad what has this world come to. Where is child protective services for these children who obviously have no food to eat from their looser parents.

  • ch33ky1

    my first impulse was to agree with Ant, but now I saw the story on TV and how the media is so biased against this woman. Sure, she stole some food and her actions seem to express that she had a right to do this. I don't think this is what the woman is expressing. What she's expressing is the unprofessional biased way this "peace officer" handled the situation is very similar to the way George Zimmerman handled Trayvon Martin. It was over the top. This treatment if gone unchecked WILL GET OUT OF HAND if we remain silent and accepting of such treatment.

    I personally applaud the woman for speaking up even though she obviously knew how cruel people can be, she spoke up anyway. And I for one agree with her and her husband, the treatment is off par.

  • ch33ky1

    my first impulse was to agree with Ant but if you think about it, what this young lady did is to call out the ill treatment imposed on the "peace officer" and it took guts for her to do this. She's not trying to say what she did was excusable, but she's not cowering to what was wrong.

    Not trying to compare the tragic events but recall how Zimmerman over-recated with Trayvon. We need to stop excusing these over-zealous "peace officers" lest we turn into a police state. We need to question these so-called police officers before they get too much authority like they do in Chian. Last time I checked, we still have some rules in place that trump the uniform you're wearing.

  • ch33ky1

    why is it maggie can post something like that with backwoods low-life expressions yet my post which offers food for thought has been rejected? doh! I just realized, this is the faux news which caters to h 8 trs. Okay, I get it now.

  • dereknlilly

    Shame on this mother and father. Stealing in front of your kids. Did you spend your welfare check on dope? You deserve what ever you get, and then some. You go on television looking for sympathy for your actions that were wrong from the get go.Once again SHAME ON YOU….

  • jmh

    police were called on you because you were stealing 200 dollars worth of groceries in someone else’s store, but they’re in the wrong, wow!

  • AntiLiberals

    The media play on this event makes me want to vomit!!!!! She says "Times are tough", so I guess that's how she validates using her child to conceal her loot. She gets caught, puts up a struggle and losses. Now the way Fox 40 sells the story, her "hero" of a husband comes to her rescue and he too losses!! Bad choice + bad choice = handcuffs that hurt!!! She knows how handcuffs work because she was a security guard??????? She knows because she's a crook!!! Oh let's not forget that somehow a grocery store security guard is now Law Enforcement!! Gotta love Fox 40……….. Blame everyone but the deserving!!!

  • anonymous

    All the people on here saying that these are horrible parents are absolutely blind to the fact that she admitted she was wrong but she had to feed her children. If the media would do some more investigation they would probably find that she isn’t on welfare. Contrary to what most of these comments are suggesting one can be poor without having to be on welfare sometimes a person can make just enough to not qualify for welfare in which because of that that person actually has it harder than the people on welfare.

  • passingoutside

    Ok, Im sorry. Any thief, especially if that person is stealing in front of their children should have elbows thrown repeatedly at their face. Times are tough? GET A FREAKIN JOB! They are out there, maybe not making the money You think your worth but they are available for the non lazy.

  • Raiderjoe916

    The reporter looks as dumb as the Shoplifter and her baby daddy. "Breaking News" to start the newscast with this story. Comon man! Was the director on break? Hopefully CPS does a surprise welfare visit.

  • claymore10

    she was a security guard? well then i am guessing that she knew what she did was wrong and knew she was breaking the law. and if you break the law the cops come get you, but if you dont break the law then the cops dont leave you alone and there is no need for me to wast my time thinking about how stupid this lady really is

  • Firsttruth

    Let us all face some facts in this discussion.. She claims the police/security got out of hand. she only was stealing to feed her children. some of what she supposedly stole was peanut butter, crackers,etc. I beg someone to get a print out of what was stolen! I was a witness to this madness! All of what she stole was geared toward adults lifestyle non of which could be used for a 3 month old baby! Oh and how is it possible for her children to end up in the hands of complete strangers if she never abandoned them?