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Shoplifiting Mom Claims Cops Were In The Wrong, Too


Telesa Pearson loves cuddling her baby girl, but now there’s at least one time she wishes she wasn’t holding her close.

“He asked me if I had taken anything and at first I said no, but then of course I said yes,” said Pearson.

Pearson had 3-month-old Akira and 2-year-old Antoine in tow, when she struggled with security at a Sacramento Food Source store after being stopped for shoplifting.

“Peanut butter, snacks and things like that,” said Pearson, as she described what she took and hid in her baby’s car seat, underneath her baby.

Police say her illegal grab was actually $200 worth of things like that.

Still, after her husand showed up to take custody of the kids, the whole family was headed home.

Mom was walking away with just a citation, but then Joshua Head saw a dark bruise a security guard’s elbow supposedly left on his wife’s face.

He turned around, got in said guard’s face and got surprised by the reaction of the guard’s partner.

“Decked me right in my mouth and then both just got on me and the black guy choked me out,” said Head.

Eventually husband and wife were both locked into handcuffs; incorrectly, according to Pearson. And she says she should know, because she was once a security guard herself.

“If you don’t double lock it then you can cut off the circulation in someone’s hand,” said Pearson.

FOX40 went in to Food Source looking for the surveillance tape that could sort out this incident, but the store is owned by Raley’s and Raley’s doesn’t release those images.

Now, Pearson and Head’s check-out receipt from their time at Food Source includes cuts and bruises, and for Head, a supposed fractured rib,  from what they claim law enforcement took too far.

Police maintain the only force used was what was necessary to bring in a very uncooperative couple.

Pearson now faces charges of theft and child endangerment. Head is accused of resisting arrest.