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Architect Claims He was Taxed because of a Shadow


An architect called FOX40 because he says the Placer County Assessor’s Office falsely assessed the value of the eco-friendly mansion he designed.

“Higher value of this house means more taxes,” Martin Tarafdar told FOX40. “They’re taxing my brain.”

Tarafdar pulled out documents from the Assessor’s office, which state the roof forms a way pattern, casting a shadow inside of the house.

“It was a creative idea I had. It has no construction value. You can’t feel it or touch it,” which is why he wonders why he can be taxed on it.

“We did make a mistake,” the Placer County Assessor’s Office told FOX40. Representatives admitted the house was “misclassified” initially, and has now been reclassified.

“I don’t care if my financial problem was solved. It’s everybody else out there.” Tarafdar said.

If he hadn’t complained and demanded the county change it, there may have been several hundred thousand dollars extra in property taxes on his Folsom Lake home.