Attempted Robbery Victim Arrested After Chasing Down Suspects

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Mugshot For Ramon Cueva

Ramon Cueva was arrested assault with a deadly weapon


A man who was almost robbed is under arrest himself for chasing down the suspects and ramming their car.

Wednesday morning, a man living along La Jolla in Stockton saw men come to his home to steal an engine block.

The man, Ramon Cueva, came outside and the suspects took off.

Police say Cueva chased them, cutting them off at one point. He then yelled at the suspects.

Investigators say Cueva got back behind the wheel, and rammed the suspects with his car.

Police arrested Cueva for assault with a deadly weapon.

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  • jmh

    suspects broke into his home to steal something, being in Stockton most likely they had a weapon, it was only attempted robbery sounds to me he had the right to defend his probably and home and his self, and he was the one arrested, they should have never been in his home in the first place, I’m sure they wasn’t invited.

  • kgm656

    And you wounder why idiot criminals and gangbangers looooooooooove Stockton. The hell with all of them the government needs to level the city.

  • mickey

    why was the two guys not arrested? they said they new were he lived and they were coming back how would you fell if this happened to you? Ramon was home with his family not out looking for trouble,the police said that there is nothing they can do but take a report and the officer understood why he did it unless someone is hurt or dead they just take a report and if know one is hurt or dead it could take days for them to come to the house and take the report, so when you see the police ask them how can you protect yourself and your family with our going to jail? if there is not enought copys to help us what do we do? I'M OLD and that is what these guy look for. Ramon need to left alone. one guy was hiding under the dash and the driver was hiding behined other pepoal, there was two of them and one Ramon why dident they just stand and take what was coming to them.

  • jerbear7519

    Sooo, now that he got locked up the have free reign of his home and belongings… great justice system we have here…