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Neighbors Concerned by Horses’ Well-Being


When Jane Albert whistles, her three horses come running.

“I feed them oats and barley,” Albert told FOX40.

Neighbors say her horses are starving, so they contacted FOX40 for help, pointing out that they’ve seen the horses eat the bark off of the trees in the front yard.

“That’s normal. If wood is wet, horses will eat it” Albert said. She also told FOX40 she has owned horses since she was 10 years old, and knows well how to take care of them.

FOX40 also noticed the horses were out of water.

“It just tipped over a few minutes ago,” Albert said, pointing to the 100-gallon empty tank, tipped over. When she refilled it, and the horses were practically fighting to drink it.

“I’d feed these horses before I would myself,” Albert said. Albert went out after we did the story and got the horses food.

Animal control tells us they came by the  home on Dec. 1 and decided the horses were of adequate weight at that time.