Where to Watch FOX40 News During the World Cup

Neighbors Concerned by Horses’ Well-Being

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


When Jane Albert whistles, her three horses come running.

“I feed them oats and barley,” Albert told FOX40.

Neighbors say her horses are starving, so they contacted FOX40 for help, pointing out that they’ve seen the horses eat the bark off of the trees in the front yard.

“That’s normal. If wood is wet, horses will eat it” Albert said. She also told FOX40 she has owned horses since she was 10 years old, and knows well how to take care of them.

FOX40 also noticed the horses were out of water.

“It just tipped over a few minutes ago,” Albert said, pointing to the 100-gallon empty tank, tipped over. When she refilled it, and the horses were practically fighting to drink it.

“I’d feed these horses before I would myself,” Albert said. Albert went out after we did the story and got the horses food.

Animal control tells us they came by the  home on Dec. 1 and decided the horses were of adequate weight at that time.

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  • Seriously

    If animal control thinks those horses are fit and healthy now, a competency complaint needs to be filed. Those horses are not in good condition. Especially in this freezing weather when they need extra fat and extra feed to keep warm.

  • TNTSierra

    Why does the cameraman have to be "artistic" and only get shots of the horses' mouth or eye. Give us some good camera shots of the whole horse so we can see how malnutritioned they really are. The bay (brown horse for those who don't know better) is definetly underweight. It also looks like this lady is feeding rice straw which is not a proper feed for horses, it is used as bedding but it is a 1/3 the price of a normal bale of feed. Maybe she should sell those fancy wheels on the Chevy in the driveway and FEED her horses! No, no she should actually lose her horses to AC because she doesn't deserve their love.

  • Kristie

    I have been around horses my whole life and can tell you that when it was very apparent that those poor horses were not only way under weight but also dehydrated the way they were going after that water. What’s it going to take to save these poor animals???

  • AHorselvr

    Having owned horses for eight years and having been around them most of my life, I can say I've never seen them eat tree bark or gobble up their poop. Occasionally a foal will taste it but never a grown horse eat like that. The dry 100lb water trough that somehow tipped over? Tough to do when full and the crew would have seen a huge puddle on the ground. I think this lady is in way over her head and needs help. I can understand having a tough time with the ost of feed in the winter but the lack of water shows plain negligence. I hope someone in the humane society or animal control steps up. This is far far from "normal."

  • Annon

    I noticed that to. They wouldn’t show a straight on view. But of the shots you could see, you can see ribs even through the winter coat, and the spine sticking up on one.

  • Demonica_D

    Please please read this!! I was going to call animal control today but found out they had already been called and nothing was done. I know or should I say am acquainted with Jane and those horses are neglected!! They aren't fed on a regular basis at all. They have absolutely no shelter of any kind and no blankets!!! There are some broken down makeshift stables but the tweaked out man Jane is seeing has closed them off to the horses to use as storage! She is being evicted from that slum house for not paying rent!!! Those animals need to be rescued before it is too late. All animals deserve at minimal which still doesn't make a good owner; food shelter, and water. They have none of those things. Hound animal control constantly please!!!!!!!