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Child Authors Reunited with Book of Rules

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Five days after all of their written, worldly wisdom was lost inside a little book, FOX40 was able to connect the Walmart employee who found it a this store parking lot and the cousins who coined some rules now famous nationwide.

Isabelle Busath, 10, and 8-year-old Isabella Thordsen aren’t just cousins, they’re best friends and writing partners.

Struggles with stubborn little sisters who like to color on people instead if on paper were their inspiration, so they found an empty notebook.

“I said, ‘why don’t we put the rules in here and whoever breaks it has to sit at the door for five minutes,’ and so we came up with all these good rules,” said Thordsen.

‘No stealing,’ is one of the 157 rules to live by they’ve written down. “Don’t bite the dentist” is another.

Not taking off for spelling here – others are ‘ware’ your seat belt and ‘resicle.’

Isabelle had just finished writing the number 158…

“And  my pen kinda exploded on me,” she said.

The friend she asked to hold the book while she cleaned up dropped it in a Walmart parking lot.

“I felt like, ‘oh my gosh, I hope I get it back soon,'” said Isabella.

Luckily, that did happen, but not before the internet went crazy as word of the found book got out.

“For just a little book with a bunch of rules in it. Wow,” Isabella said when asked about the emails that have come in to FOX40 from all over the country.

“It’s kinda overwhelming,” said Sarah Tatarakis, Isabella’s mom.

But not too surprising for moms of daughters who are constantly creating.

“She’s been writing books before she could even write. She would scribble on a piece of paper and then tell me what it says,” said Michelle Busath, Isabelle’s mom.

And since one of the emails promises a publishing deal, these girls may go from sequined Skechers to real glitz.

It’s cool to follow the rules.

Rule book co-author Isabelle believes, “if you follow rules, you can have fun more.”

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