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Dispensary Owner a Victim of Conflicting State, Federal Laws


Matthew Davies, a father of two young daughters from Stockton, is hoping to avoid a federal prison sentence following raids on his medical marijuana dispensaries.

Although the raids happened in 2011, Matthew’s attorney Steven Ragland says they are now inching closer to a resolution.

“We hope some prosecutorial discretion will be used,” Ragland said.

This case points out what medical marijuana advocates have long been saying, conflicting state and federal laws put users in a legal grey area.

Matt’s supporters are pointing people to a petition that can be found on their website:

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  • set112246

    It is shameful that we've neither heard from Kamala Harris, (CA AG) nor Jerry Brown (CA governor) both of whom are charged with upholding laws of the great State of California. I guess it's just easier for them to sit back and let the little guy take the rap. And of course they need to conserve their money so that legislators who lose their seats in an election will be appointed to cushy jobs with high salaries, even though they meet but a few times a year. I voted for Brown and Harris and would really expect them to step up to the plate to defend Matt.

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