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Professor Caught on Tape Giving Anti-Veteran Rant


Not all Professor Tom Brozovich’s students believe that the lessons they are getting in his American River College art history class are appropriate, especially when it comes to the question of patriotism.

Shiloh David Helman, a veteran, was one of what he describes as handful of students who walked out on a lecture given by Professor Brozovich last semester, after he says Brozovich went on an anti-vet rant.

“He told me that I’m the problem with America,” Helman told FOX40.

Since then, another Iraq-era veteran has given us some lecture tapes from the same art history class, from last Spring, to demonstrate why he says he walked-out a number of times himself.

“Americans have been mislead to believe that the folks killed on 9/11 were all innocent victims. That’s not entirely true,” Brozovich can be heard saying on the tape.

“They gave their lives to George Bush, fighting in his dirty war, then he wanted to pretend they never existed,” Brozovich

FOX40 tried a number of ways to contact Professor Brozovich for this story. Brozovich never got back to us, but we were able to speak with American River College President David Viar.

He told FOX40 that a professor’s role was to push students to think critically, but that the college also tries to “help students with their reactions to that.”

“I told him how proud I was to be a veteran and that I go to do a job and defend this nation,” Helman said.

Helman ultimately had his art history final graded by a different professor.

Brozovich’s reviews on Rate My Professor¬†echo the polarizing effect of his lectures. One student calls him a liberal extremist, another says its the best class they have ever taken.