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USDA Researchers will Pay You to Lose Weight


USDA researchers at UC Davis are researching whether or not monosodium glutamate can help people lose weight, and they’re willing to pay test subjects.

In total, during the five-week test period, participants will be paid $140

The USDA and its researchers on the UC Davis campus are always looking for test subjects.

For more information about the study, including who can and can not participate, click here.


  • Livinlife7404

    I thought this would be interesting so I looked into it, however, you have to be skinny to participate with a BMI of 18-25. I don't understand why they want skinny people to participate to lose weight. It should be for people with a BMI of 25+. Just saying

  • dparker1959

    So from my uderstanding it's for individual with BMI 18-25…So this is ot for someone with a BMI 25+…So we won't really know if it works or not. I wonder why this sale another product.

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