“Book of Rules” Girls Getting National Attention

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Doing interviews via cell while waiting to jet off to a New York TV gig, Isabelle Busath and Isabella Thordsen are looking every part the literary legends they’re fast becoming.

Their face-to-face with fame started Monday when FOX40 teamed up with Raymond Flores to track down the authors of a handwritten book of rules he found in a Walmart parking lot.

By the time we did, the story of the girls’ guide to life and rules like “eat the food you’re served with” and “don’t bite the dentist” had gone global.

“He was really nice not throwing it away,” said Thordsen, about Flores.

“The phones are off the hook, the emails. The support has been amazing,” said Thordsen’s mom Sarah Tatarakis.

Email after email has come in asking for copies and offering publishing deals, praising children dedicated to doing what’s right.

“It makes me feel happy and like that I can follow some rules to have a good life and stuff,” said co-author Isabelle.

“Some of it’s off the wall. Some of it’s what adults need to live by,” said Isabelle’s mom, Michelle.

A fact not lost on all the teachers and parents who want copies of this cousin-produced creation, right at a time when names like Lance Armstrong and Manti Te’o are more known for lies and deception than sport.

The girls’ parents say they’ve got the honesty thing down and that they’re rarely in trouble, but the girls admit to struggling with some of their own advice.

“The hardest for me to follow is to be nice to my 5-year-old little sister. She gets into my stuff,” said Isabelle.

“No hitting people, because I get too mad at my brothers,” said Thordsen.

For now, the girls are onto their next chapter, the morning show circuit on Friday.

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  • farmrab

    It's wonderful what these girls have done. On their own they have discovered what is in their hearts. To bad someone didn't tell them about the "10 commandments", they cover everything and are a lot easier to remember. In this day and age I guess that wouldn't be PC.

  • debbie johnson

    The girls had a good idea with the rule book it shows the parents are doing a good job raising them. But aren’t t we blowing it out of proportion? TV and news? Children should be brought up right, too bad all of the other

    children that have goodness in them go.unrecognized.