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Open Enrollment Act Aims to Let Parents Pick Kids’ Schools


Despite numerous schools closing in the Sacramento area due to low enrollment, others have a waiting list a mile long.

We’re not talking private schools, either.

Open Enrollment schools are attracting more students with higher test scores.  It’s one of the goals of the Open Enrollment Act which says parents are no longer stuck sending their kids to the public school that is closest to their home.

“Primarily it’s for high education,” explains Anna Theofamis, whose daughter is a 2nd grader at Phoebe Hearst Elementary.  “My daughter is already learning her multiplication.”

There’s no tuition, just the expectation that parents do volunteer to help out around campus.  “That’s the easy part,” said Theofamis.

Parents are also required to request transfers from Open Enrollment schools prior to Jan. 1 the year before.  That may be too late for  the 2013-14 school year, but it may be worth the wait.

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