Dog Helps Auburn Teen With Diabetes


Joshua Sweat is 15-years-old; he was diagnosed with type one diabetes when he was 9.

His illness is serious and could take his life if not regulated correctly. That is why Josh raised $20,000 to get Lilly, a 4-legged smelling miracle.

The chocolate Labrador can smell when Josh’s blood sugar levels gets to high or to low. She whines and gets Josh’s attention, indicating he needs to test his levels and take insulin.

The most dangerous time for Josh is when he is sleeping and can’t feel when his blood levels are changing. Lilly will wake Josh up from a dead sleep and notify him something is wrong. Lilly is even trained to open the fridge and get a juice box if Josh is about to crash.

Lilly is only 5-months-old and already has changed Josh’s life. Josh and his mom no longer have to worry that he will go to bed and never wake up; there is a guardian angel sleeping next to him making sure nothing bad happens.

Josh has been so inspired by his dog that he plans to go to college and someday train diabetic service dogs for other children who need them.

If you would like to follow Josh’s story, log onto Facebook and search Josh’s Journey.