Fallen Galt Officer: Serving Community was “Highest Calling” for a Person

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Dozens of K-9 officers from around the state paid their respects to a fellow fallen officer.

Officer Kevin Tonn was a K-9 officer with the Galt Police Department, before that he was a firefighter, and served in the military. Representatives from several police offices, fire departments and other units attended the memorial Monday morning in Roseville, including the San Mateo Sheriff’s Department, Richmond Police and Yuba Fire Department.

Family members told the crowd Tonn felt like serving his community was the highest calling a person could have.

Tonn was killed on January 15 by Humphrey Gascon. The officer had responded to the area for a burglary call, and was talking to Gascon because he was nearby and matched a suspect description.

Gascon opened fire on Tonn, then went into a field and shot himself as other officers responded.

Gascon was not connected to the original burglary call, and his motive for shooting Tonn remains a mystery.

At Monday’s memorial service, his cousin, Jarett Tonn, held back tears as he talked about Kevin Tonn; the two worked together at the Galt Police Department.

“He had an incredible sense of humor. Almost nothing Kevin said didn’t include his sharp wit or sarcastic comment,” said Jarett Tonn.

At 19, Kevin Tonn entered the army as a military police officer. He also served eight years in New York as a firefighter.

He finally joined the Galt Police Department and was promoted to the K-9 unit with Yaro, his dog.

“He went out of his way to help other people but not in a flashy or public manner,” said Jarett Tonn.

That loving character was something Tonn was raised with.

After he passed, Tonn’s father asked if counseling would be provided to the family of the man who killed him.

“Giving ones life to save another’s is not a tragedy. Kevin knew that he believed that and he lived that until his final breath,” he said.

Sam Cohen contributed to this report

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