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Family’s Heater Fixed after FOX40 Investigation


After spending nearly the entire winter in the bitter cold, Angela Cerna can not believe her home is warm.

“My daughter came up to me and put her hands on my face and said, ‘mommy, it’s warm,'” said Cerna.

The Cernas say their landlord knew their heater was broken, but wouldn’t fix it.

It wasn’t until their daughter started getting sick that they pushed the issue.

“She would wake up at 3 in the morning. She couldn’t breathe. She started vomiting on herself because she is chocking,” said Cerna.

The Cernas then called FOX40 investigate.

Two days later Cerna got a call from the City of Stockton.

“Like four hours later they called me and said we are having a heater guy come look at it. The next day my, heater was in,” said Cerna.

Cerna says she is thankful to those who helped her family.

Cerna says the landlord also promised to pay their electric bill that went sky high as a result of having to use space heaters.