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Men Accused of Hate Crime in Attack on Interracial Couple


Three Yuba County men were arrested Tuesday in connection with an alleged April 2011 hate crime.

Court documents say 28-year-old Billy Hammett, 27-year-old Perry Jackson and 32-year-old Anthony Tyler hurled racial slurs at the couple, a black woman and a white man.

The couple was getting into their car April 18, 2011 in Marysville. The indictment alleges that Jackson called the man a “n***** lover” and Hammett used the same word about the woman.

Hammett and Jackson punched and kicked the couple while Tyler smashed the windshield with a crowbar, prosecutors say. Tyler was arrested in Sacramento Tuesday and Hammett and Jackson were arrested in Marysville.

The three men are charged with one count of conspiracy and two counts of committing a hate crime. They will appear in court Jan. 29.