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Gynecologist Accused of Messing Up Dozens of Procedures


Botched boob job – if that sounds bad in your head, think about what the reality of those three words mean.

“As small as a wound infection or asymmetry to something as bad a paralyzed arm to frankly even death,” said Dr. David Kaufman.

Dr. Efrain Gonzalez of Rocklin is accused of messing up patients cosmetic procedures 56 times in a complaint filed against him by the Medical Board of California.

The charges date back to 2011 on procedures the board certified gynecologist performed at Advanced Med Spa. The charges are designed as a first step to revoking Gonzalez’s medical license.

Dr. David Kaufman, a Stanford-trained, board certified plastic surgeon says there’s a difference between your personal physician wielding a scalpel and a someone who’s “board-certified.”

“There’s a lot of folks out there, especially in this city, that are not well trained. There are pediatricians doing liposuction, there’s obstetricians doing plastic surgery,” Kaufman said Monday.

Kaufman adds that the 5 to 6 years of surgical training is the difference.

“In California, there’s really no restrictions on your medical license. Anybody with an MD after their name can do whatever they want as long as they can find a patient who’s willing to do it,” Kaufman told FOX40.

The 95-page complaint from the Medical Board against Gonzalez details stomach-churning horrors. His trial on the charges is set for August.