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Victim Of Highway 99 Shooting Says It Was Mistaken Identity

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Miles measured not per hour, but by bullets.

Raul did not want to give his last name, out of fear that the shooter who attacked him on Highway 99 early Sunday morning would come back.

But why did that shooter attack in the first place? Had Raul cut him off? Swerved into his lane?

Raul said no.

“I think they thought I was somebody else,” he said.

Police say he was driving with two passengers in his car on 99 southbound when another car pulled up beside him in the slow lane. That’s when the bullets started flying. Two ripped through the passenger side door. Another smashed in the car’s back window. At least one hit Raul’s brother in the neck.

“I just pushed my gas and got on,” Raul said. “They chased me for a while, and I just kept going.”

With his car shot all full of holes, and his brother bleeding from a neck wound, California Highway Patrol officers says Raul decided to pull-off on French Camp Road, south of Modesto. The car with the shooter in it kept on driving.

Raul says when he called for an ambulance to help his little brother, he could tell the officers who responded were thinking the exact same thing you are probably thinking yourself right now: no one’s going to open fire on someone on a highway for no reason… are they?

“I just got shot and they leave me out here to walk… find my own ride, you know what I mean?” Raul said.

His own car is still locked-up in evidence at the CHP post in Stockton.

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