Kapernick Good for Business in Turlock


There is no quarterback sneak when it comes to where Colin Kaepernick’s home town is.

It seems like every time he opens his mouth, Kaepernick is talking about his home town of Turlock, his family, teachers and high school. All that talk has really put Turlock on the map when in the past many people may have wondered where the town was.

All that Turlock talk on TV, radio, newspaper, magazies, and blogs is means alot of free advertising dollars for the city.

“I don’t think you can put a dollar to it. You can’t pay that kind of money. I think the fact that everytime he opens his mouth as a star quarterback, it’s an investment that we can’t even pay for,” said Sharon Silva with the Turlock Chamber of Commerce.

But if you had to pay for it, it would cost tens of millions of dollars.

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