Police: Teen Found Dead was Strangled


Police say the 13-year-old girl found dead in a Fairfield park without clothes on Friday was strangled.

“Because she is so young, we are not releasing her name,” Fairfield Police told FOX40.

Less than 10 minutes away, a mother and father of another missing teen are on edge.

“I just wanted to know she was alive,” says father of 15-year-old Kelsey Bostick.

Miguel and Jennifer reported their daughter missing from Fairfield on Thursday — the same night as the 13-year-old Suisun City teen was reported missing.

“I held my breath, when I heard the news that they found her dead, I thought it was Kelsey.”

Kelsey was found Saturday afternoon at a diner in Richmond. Bostick’s parents told FOX40 their daughter ran away. She is amongst the 2,200 children reported missing in the United States every single day.

Police tell FOX40 they do not have any suspects.

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