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Teen Found Dead: Witnesses Come Forward, Cops Check Park Surveillance

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


A small memorial is now growing for the Suisun City girl reported missing Thursday and found dead early Friday in a Fairfield park.

Police won’t confirm her name or age, but some folks in the community who didn’t want to appear on camera tell FOX40 the girl was a student at Green Valley Middle School.

A few blocks away from where the nude remains of the girl were found, Fairfield parents bought tickets to a high school basketball game.

But, doing something normal couldn’t wipe the day’s abnormal sadness from their minds.

They fear what might happen to their own kids.

“That’s why I’m real close…like to keep them close… take him to school, pick him up if he needs a ride cuz I just can’t trust society right now,” said Armijo High School parent Chris Lumpkins.

At one time, did the young victim trust the person who dumped her at Allan Witt Park? That’s just one of thousands of questions facing investigators right now.

Lingering questions about a red car and headlights and a man staring down at the ground brought one  man back to the park to report what he had seen.

“This has been calling me over to say something…my duty. I don’t know why,” said Jac Davy, a possible witness.

“This is the main park here in town, one of Fairfield’s prides and joys. She was right out in the open in. The parking lot was still dark… concealed by night,” said Sgt. Robert Lenke with the Fairfield Police Department.

But investigators say what happened at the park might not have been as concealed as the killer hopes.

Park entrances and exits are equipped with surveillance cameras.

No word yet on what they saw.

Investigators have said there were no visible signs of trauma on the girl’s body.

Her autopsy has been completed but no cause of death has been released at this time.

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