Theatre Helps Out Pepperbelly’s

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


One week after a devastating fire destroyed Pepperbelly’s, supporting actors in Fairfield’s theatre community   are stepping up so the comedy club’s shows can go on.

The prospect of anyone else taking the stage  was really in question just a few months ago at the Downtown Theatre, but it’s in a position to play the hero.

“It’s it’s an adrenaline rush.  You know you never know what’s gonna happen,” said Robert Brudney.

The ‘never knowing what could happen’ is part of the thrill of doing business  for Brudney, the operator of the Downtown Theatre.

The  ‘never knowing what can happen’ part of life in show biz meant the worst for owners of Pepperbelly’s comedy club Jan. 25.

Huge flames tore through a legacy of laughter at the corner of Texas and Jackson streets.

“The live theater community is a very close knit family and we need to support each other,” said Brudney.

That’s why his theatre has pledged to open it’s box office and fill its seats with audiences that had planned to watch a string of big acts at Pepperbelly’s.

“Bill Bellamy , Earthquake, Tommy Davidson and Rex Navarette will be opening here in February 16th,” said Brudney.

“In fact we moved a lot of things around to make it available. We’re a family, live theatre, and we want to be there for each other,” said Brudney.

As recently as September , the Downtown Theatre  couldn’t have stepped into any  story line as the rescuer.

Funding from the city of Fairfield had run dry and it was set to close until Brudney formed a non-profit to take over operations and raise cash.

They’re still struggling.

Selling out all 266 seats for every show won’t pay the bills but they can make the fire a little less painful.

“No politics, no red tape. Just got it done,” said Brudney.

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