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Woman Killed At Car Accident Vigil Fought Speeding On Her Street

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Kathryn “Kitty” O’Farrell, 79, was hit and killed by a motorist while attending a vigil for another car accident victim.

Neighbors say O’Farrell several years ago helped get a traffic light installed less than a block away to slow traffic on El Camino Avenue and Castro.

Her daughter, Kelly DeLeon, described her as a vibrant woman who had lots of friends.  DeLeon said she was at the scene of a fatal accident the day before and helped the injured driver who police say was driving while drunk.  She crossed the street during the evening vigil put on by the friends and family of  Demaris Ingram who was killed in the accident.

“It tugged at her heart so when she saw them and came to give them flowers,” said DeLeon.

She apparently couldn’t make it across the street because there were too many people.  Neighbors say they tried to get a motorist to slow down but O’Farrell was struck and killed instantly.  The street was also dark because copper thieves had rendered street lights useless.

“My mind was in shock,” said Anna Cerveantes who has lived across from O’Farrell for 35 years.

“She was so nice. She always helped people in the neighborhood,” said Cerveantes.

O’Farrell’s daughter says she had just found out that her kids were paying for a trip to Ireland, and was also celebrating her 43rd anniversary of being together with her long time boyfriend.

The DeLeon says the family wants everyone to know that her mother died a happy woman.

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