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Cannabis Cookies Sicken Elementary School Student

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Cookies; they’re a popular after-school snack, but police in West Sacramento say a snack brought to Southport Elementary School had a special ingredient – and it wasn’t the chocolate chips.

“They said there was a student who shared four cookies with four students that had marijuana in them,” said mom Melanie Bowers.

Bowers says that’s the message from the school left on her cell phone about an incident that happened Tuesday.

“No! I’m not okay with it,” said another Southport mom who didn’t want her name used.

That’s the reaction of many parents FOX40 spoke to, now that investigators say pot-laced cookies showed up on campus, courtesy of an eighth grader.

He’s accused of selling some to a friend inside the school, a friend that then shared them with at least two other students.

One of the teens got sick at school, uncovering the cookie caper.

All involved were 13-year-old, eighth grade boys. That fact touches on a concern Bowers has had for a long time about the K-8 campus where she sends her twin second graders.

“I’ve already got fears about second grade all the way to fifth grade going with the eighth graders because it (drug use) does start younger and younger and maybe this is why,” said Bowers.

The Bowers family and others have had a good experience at Southport.

Little Danni Bowers says math is her favorite part of the school day. And for her twin sister, Dayla? “Drawing,” she said.

“The teachers are open to suggestions, working with you, the kids, those kinds of things,” said one mom.

That’s why they all hope what’s happened doesn’t crumble their school’s reputation.

The kids who had the cannabis cookies at school have been arrested for sale and possession of marijuana, and have been released back into the custody of their parents.

They will have to appear in juvenile court.

Police say those court hearings will delve into how the kids got their hands on the marijuana in the first place.

The district says the students are facing possible suspensions and expulsions.

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  • karen and susie

    The child that brought the cookies on school grounds should be expelled and those who bought should be suspended. During court proceedings, finding out who supplied and then arrest that person(s) for child endangerment.

  • IntensePlayerz

    I go to that school and i know all the students, My friend,Not saying names, got expelled for taking the cookie and throwing it away. They should not press charges against him.