Suspect Identified in Death of Teen

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Anthony Lamar Jones is under arrest in connection with the death of a teen found in a Fairfield park.


Fairfield Police confirmed Friday morning they have made an arrest in connection with a 13-year-old girl found dead last week.

The suspect is identified as Anthony Lamar Jones, a 32-year-old Fairfield man.

A week ago, on February 1, the body of Genelle Conway-Allen was found dead in Allan Witt Park.

Investigators say Jones was identified as a suspect early on and has been under surveillance; they say he was not a danger to the public. He was arrested Friday in Fairfield.

Police say they have evidence linking Jones to this incident. They believe he acted alone, and detectives are not looking for any other suspects at this time.

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  • Naky777

    You never gave this girl a chance to feel what life is all about, you got what you wanted from her? just release her ! There is no place on earth for you…

  • Dan1263

    I agree, but they are cowards that prey on children since they want that control. I think that there is too many Registered Sex Offenders out there especially by this park that should be watched 24/7. Some of these have violently raped children and should have never been let out, there is no excuse for raping a child, it is a sick disease.

    I encourage everyone go online and identify all the Sexual Offenders in your area and post it for everyone to see. Put it on Facebook or wherever it can be seen, identified these low life cowards. They should not be able to live by parks or schools.

    By this park there is a few that live around the corner and I would question them every time this type of senseless act happens. Poor child who already had a difficult life.

  • sweetpea2694290

    Another child that won't be able to grow up and follow her dreams…What is going on in this world???? Why do people kill such innocent children…I hope he rots in jail!!! That is not the way God wants his people to live…I am so sadden about this :( My prayers go out to her family .To lose a child just breaks the heart…God Bless her family. And i am sure she is an Angel now .

  • indianahoosier2

    So sad…how could someone do something like this…and for what? Now look where its got jail for murder and whatever else he done to this young girl..She was so young and her life was taken from her…all because of a sick pervert who knew better but didnt sad