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Bread Breeding Deformities in Ducks


On any given Saturday, dozens of people are lined up to feed the birds at McKinley Park in Sacramento.

But what we’re feeding them could be causing wing deformities, according to bird advocate Judy McClaver.

She first noticed it about a year ago, when several birds in the park had wings that stuck straight out from their bodies.

“I did some research, and found out it’s caused by us, from the human food that we feed them,” McClaver told FOX40.

She brought her research to the city of Sacramento.

“Their results were the same,” McClaver says – birds cannot eat human food.

McClaver has posted signs to the benches, instructing park visitors to feed the birds seeds and nothing else. She’s hoping the city will put up official signs instructing visitors on what they can feed the birds.

In the meantime, she returns several times a week to make sure no one is tossing human food into the pond.