Mardi Gras in Old Sacramento is No New Years

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


The last time FOX40 was reporting live from a holiday event in Old Sacramento, it was New Years Eve. A bar fight over a spilt beer that night would lead to an exchange of gunfire that killed two.

It started at the Sports Corner.

On Mardi Gras Saturday, the Sports Corner was back open. But customers not only had to get through a security guard, they had to pass through a metal detector to get in the door.

Right down the street, a fight did break-out at a saloon called Fanny Ann’s.

“Unfortunately you’re going to have a couple of fist fights here and there, but we broke it up. Nobody got seriously hurt,” said Sacramento Police Sargent Matt Young.

Sargent Young is part of  what could fairly be described as a massive police presence in Old Sacramento on Mardi Gras Saturday. He said that presence has nothing to do with what happened on New Years Eve.

“On New Years Eve it was an anomaly. And we had a lot of police presence at that time as well. Unfortunately these things happen, but we always staff these events heavily,” Sgt. Young said.

The idea is to protect the Mardi Gras revelers, but also to protect the reputation of Old Sacramento so it continues to draw visitors.

“We were just celebrating a good time and going to bars and experiencing Mardi Gras and experiencing downtown Sacramento,” said Katie Henson, who’s visiting Sacramento from Fresno with a group of friends.

It’s tourist traffic that could be another victim if there’s any kind of repeat on Mardi Gras to what happened New Years Eve.

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