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Stockton Man Sentenced in Grisly Case, Signs Appeal Papers with Expletive


Devon Epps, the man convicted of murdering his girlfriend an living with her decomposing body for months, was sentenced to life in prison Monday and signed his appeal paperwork with something other than his name.

Epps, known for his outbursts in court, signed “F*** You” on his final piece of paperwork.

Epps’ life without parole sentence is too light for the family of his victim, 35-year-old Veronica Jones.

“It’s very sad we lost her, especially at such a young age and we can’t hang out the way we used to anymore,” said Jones’ cousin, Isaac Zuniga. “I believe that Devon should suffer the same way he made my sister suffer.”

Epps was spared from the death penalty because of his history with mental illness.

“I’m relieved that he’s off the streets and can no longer harm, hurt or harass any other women or children or anybody for that matter any more,” Zuniga said.

Epps will soon be transferred to a state prison from the San Joaquin County Jail to serve out his sentence.

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  • 2012jaylen

    Can't the courts see that he is insane? It's obvious!!!! PLEASE CDC protect other inmates!! Keep him in a cell by himself!!! It's obvious he is a danger to other inmates!!

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