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Hoarder House with Numerous Cats Deemed “Uninhabitable” by Police


Neighbors living on Spicer Drive, just off San Juan Avenue, say they’re fed up with the stench coming from a hoarder house.

“It’s violated my rights as a resident in this city,” said Marcelle Flowers, who lives two doors down.

She says they’ve been fighting to get it cleaned up since 2001.

Citrus Heights Police issued an inspection warrant for the house this morning, because Sargent David Moranz says it’s now an issue for everyone on the block.

“It’s been an issue within the community for health and safety code violations,” says Moranz.

Neighbors say the woman who owns the home doesn’t actually live there, and her cats have overrun the house and most of the street.

hoarder house in citrus heights

The backyard of a home in Citrus Heights that cops have called “uninhabitable”.

“We’re not talking a couple of pets, we’re talking 40 and 50 cats,” said Flowers.

Everyone on the block agrees that they’re ready to not only see a difference, but smell it too.

“I have compassion for this woman. I’ve known her for 18 years. She’s a good soul, but she’s lost and she needs help,” said Flowers.

Police are set to board up the house and place a “uninhabitable” sign on the front door.

Katie Hackett filed this report.