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Sacramento Names New Police Chief


There’s New blood in the Sacramento Police Department’s top position.

How new?

“How old do you think I am?”  soon-to-be Chief Sam Somers quipped when FOX40 asked his age. “I’m 50.”

Whatever his age, he’s an old hand with the Sac PD. Somers is the son of a Sacramento Police Captain, and he’s been with the department 28 years himself, having played nearly every role there is.

“I’ve had a lot of jobs. I’ve been at the tactical side with SWAT – that was very fun because there’s a lot fo adrenaline there. I’ve also been in internal affairs where you’re basically investigating it’s very serious business,” Somers said.

Somers said his first focus now will be on a ‘Cops and Clergy’ program that has officers paired-up with religious leaders, going door-to-door, trying to make inroads with Sacramento’s most troubled neighborhoods.

“And I’m not just talking about hiring new officers so that we can arrest a whole bunch of people, because we just emptied-out the prisons. We’re not here to fill them right back-up,” Somers said.

Somers will  be hiring new officers with a tax increase approved by Sacramento voters last November.

His starting salary will be $197,00 a year. Somers official swearing-in will happen Saturday.