Web Series Spoofs Dating Shows


Whether you love or hate reality dating shows, they’ve become a big part of the TV landscape. Now there’s a new web series that parodies the popular genre.

With an all-star cast, Burning Love is a web comedy series about a bachelorette looking for love.

We recently caught up with the cast and crew of Burning Love’s second season to talk about the success of the show.

Rich DeMuro: Are you appealing to people who like these shows or to people like me who think these shows are full of it?

June Raphael: I would say both audiences can appreciate the show.

Rich: Is it interesting to do web versus TV?

Ken Marino: There’s a certain freedom to doing web… you don’t have to deal with as many notes or people trying to figure out what it is.

Adam Brody: The screen, it’s smaller. And the money, the money is way smaller so if you like a huge amount of money, you don’t do this sort of stuff. What we like are little nuggets of money.

Rich: [T]hat’s the thing it’s everywhere you can watch it on all different devices. I mean it’s not just that living room experience, people can watch this on their phone on their way to work.

June: And I think a lot of people, a lot of my girlfriends watched it at work last season. That’s true, I mean that’s what’s great about it in a way that it’s very accessible and you watch it on your iPad.

Ken: Don’t drive and watch Burning Love.

Rich: Tell me about the inspiration. Obviously, there’s no place to find inspiration for characters you’re playing. Where do you go for that?

Michael Ian Black: Well I went to Thailand. I did a six-month jaunt of Thailand to prep for this part. And a lot of it was just survival training–rope courses, ziplines, monkey wrestling. And at the end of it I felt like yeah, I’m ready to tackle this part.

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