Isaiah Thomas Embodies Spirit of Sacramento

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In Search of Die-Hard Kings FansSACRAMENTO-

There are two representatives of Sacramento in Houston this weekend for the All Star Game – one will ultimately affect the outcome of the relocation saga (Mayor Kevin Johnson) and the other is a player who is a reflection of the Sacramento community and the Kings fan base (Isaiah Thomas).

Thomas, who participated in the NBA All-Star Rising Stars Challenge, is the underdog that no one expected to be drafted in the first round. The guy who was “too small to make it” in the NBA. Sacramento was never expected to make it to the Western Conference Finals and nearly take out the Los Angeles Lakers. Sacramento was never supposed to keep its team after the Anaheim deal broke.

And now, Thomas is intertwined in the Seattle v. Sacramento debate not only because he plays for the Kings, but because he grew up in the Northwest. Constantly pressed for his thoughts on the situation, the level-headed Thomas always plays the middle of the road with the media, praising Sacramento and the fans while saying it would be interesting if basketball were to return to his home state.

As the only representative of the Kings at the All Star Game, he continues to get questions, but no one can question his appreciation for Sacramento. It was Mayor Johnson who asked Thomas to show up to the City Council meeting last year for the final vote on the arena financing plan, and Thomas obliged. The 7-2 yes vote was a civics lesson for the point guard and also…

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