Fate Of Sacramento Kings Takes Center Court At The NBA All-Star Break

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


This game will have a loser.  We now know that the NBA won’t be considering expansion in the foreseeable future.

“I don’t see any scenario where both cities are happy,” said NBA Commissioner David Stern at press conference Saturday.

Stern’s press conference is a traditional part of the NBA’s All Star Weekend schedule. And if there were no concrete answers in Stern’s answers about how team owners would vote in the Sacramento/Seattle tug-of-war over the Kings, (“It’s agood time to be a commissioner and not an owner,” he quipped.) maybe there are answers in the way he didn’t answer.

Here’s a selection of phrasing the used to describe the Seattle deal at different times throughout the press conference:

“Quite strong.” “It’s a great city.” “If you’re a commissioner, you like that.” “We’ d like… I’d like to see the NBA back here.”

The Sacramento deal wasn’t exactly feeling the same love.

“It’s certainly plausible… to me,” Commissioner Stern said.

Stern will not be meeting with Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson this weekend. Johnson is in Houtson, though, trying to bump into as many NBA owners has he can, practicing his ‘elevator pitch’ on why the King s should stay put.

“To remind them out of 27 season, 19 of them we;ve sold-out and only made the playoffs 10.” “No owners wants to moe a team from one city to another.” “We epitomize the best of a 1 team market, and the NBA has 100% of that market.”

But, like the All Star Game itself, this is all merely an exhibition  a dress rehearsal for the finals- the NBA Board of Governor’s meeting in mid-april.

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