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Parents Demand to See Surveillance Video of Son’s Death

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


The parents of a boy killed Saturday morning in a chase with CHP officers are demanding to see surveillance footage of the crash.

“As parents of Luis Longoria, we have a right to get the surveillance footage of what actually happened” Maria Lopez told FOX40.

She and her husband, Luis Longoria Sr., believe the answers to exactly how their 13-year-old son died was captured on surveillance cameras at the Chevron off of Benjamin Holt Drive and Pacific Avenue.

“When the California Highway Patrol came  to my house, the only thing they told me is that my son hadn’t made it.” Lopez said.

According to the California Highway Patrol, their son, Luis, made a mistake that proved to be deadly Saturday, by leading officers on a chase that ended when he and his 15-year-old friend, Martel Zepeda, crashed in to the wall of Rasputin Music.

“I actually want to know what happened, did they ram him to the side? How is it that [my son] lost control?” Luis Longoria Sr. asks.

The surveillance cameras at the Chevron seem to point in the exact direction of the crash site.

“I went in to ask the [manager] to see the camera and they said no,” Lopez said.

So, FOX40 put a call in to the manager of this Chevron station, she told us over the phone that CHP asked her Monday morning not to release the video to the media. We put in another call Monday afternoon to Chevron corporate. A media representative told us “this is an open investigation and therefore, we are providing the video to the investigators, but not to anyone else.”

But, in this case, Luis’s parents say CHP was involved in the crash. They wonder how the agency can dictate who can and cannot see the video.

“I believe CHP is hiding something” Luis’ father told FOX40.

FOX40 contacted CHP public information officer James Smith told us the surveillance video is evidence and doesn’t fall under the public records act, which means, our station cannot request to see it.

Investigators say the car Luis Longoria was driving was reported stolen four days before the crash.

During our interview, the parents admitted to FOX40 their son made a mistake. Yet, they say they want the surveillance video, to help them with many unanswered questions.

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  • cucycln

    They are in a stolen vehicle and running from the Police….god can't people take responsibility for there actions…in this case their son's actions????? Or is there a Lawyer involved in this? That would explain a lot of these actions….

  • Brooke

    I’m saddened that these families lost their loved ones. but in this case their love ones will have to wait for the till the chp is done do their jobs. I know they will not like the out come of this but as parents who Yes most likely cared for their child needs to except that this happen and it happen because of their neglect . I am calling it neglect cause I Too have an older child and my kids not in a stolen car leading police on a chase she is in bed by 10 and does not have a life of a 22 year older. people need to understand that you are your future but when you have your kids your job home life style is what you children look at!

    sorry for mispelled words or mumble jumble I am doing this on a not a very smart phone :-)

  • hasekamp5

    Fox-40 is not doing this story very well. Yes, these people lost a child and that is sad. BUT why was their son driving a stolen car? He was committing a felony and was trying to avoid being arrested by running, another felony! Where were these concerned parents when their son was STEALING A CAR? They have no right to be questioning the CHP who were just doing their job. I am very disappointed in Fox-40. If you are going to run this story more, please ask the grieving parents where THEY were? Why were they not supervising their son? They need to asking themselves a lot more questions that the CHP.

  • Duce

    I think she’s jus a worried mom like the rest of us n has a right to no what really happend everybody isn’t perfect if he stole a car or drove for the person who stole that’s on them but the chp is getting a little out of control and these parent just want justice!! And so sorry for the lost no one really noes how it feels to lose a son until it really happens

  • Duce

    I’m close to this family and all they want is the video so they can see what happend to there beloved son like anybody else in this world I wish this was a nightmare but its not he’s gone and ain’t coming back just pray for the negative people to go away and leave there comments to there selfs!

  • saracofflin

    I agree. My 13 year old is home and in bed in the early hours of the morning. Stay on top of your kids, watch what they do and who they hang out with. Don't be a freind, be a parent. This was avoidable, but it was set in motion long before the kid stole the car and killed himself by crashing.

  • Aurora

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