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Police: Man Dies from Gunshot 36 Years Later


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Sacramento Police are investigating the murder of a 62-year-old man who died Monday, but say the trigger was pulled in 1977.

Walter Johnson, 62, was paralyzed by the shooting 36 years ago, and died from medical complications from that.

Police say Johnson was driving to his parents’ home April 9, 1977, when three men blocked the roadway with their car on San Carlos Way. The three men walked up to Johnson, who was still in his car, investigators say.

Johnson was shot in the upper body after a brief struggle, police say. He was then robbed and the three men fled in their red or brown Ford Pinto.

They were never caught.

Because Johnson died from complications stemming from the shooting, his death is considered a homicide.

If you have any information about the 1977 shooting, you’re asked to call Sacramento Crime Alert at (916) 443-4357.