King Fire Revealed to be Arson, Man Arrested

Assemblymember Proposes Bullet Tax


Sacramento Assemblyman Roger Dickinson wants to put a 5 cent tax for every bullet you buy in the State of California.

Gun advocates say though it just doesn’t add up.

“Our politicians have become some of the best gun and amo salesmen in history,” noted Mark Gardner a Sacramento gun owner.

Talk about the irony of it all.  Guns and amunition can’t stay in the stores long enough.  But a 5 cent bullet tax just won’t fly with most gun owners.

“People will just reload their own,” explained Julia Draper.

“You can buy all you need yourself. Go home and make your own bullets.  It’s cheaper,” said Ken Moyer.

Others say a bullet tax is aimed in the wrong direction, arguing that more should be done to improve access to treatments for mental illness.