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Exclusive: Man Who Ran from Deputies Twice Talks to FOX40


“I don’t understand how they could do that to a human being,” Zaveone Grant told FOX40 in an exclusive jailhouse interview Monday.

During our conversation with Grant, he recalled what happened early Sunday morning when he fled from the police twice; once in an intersection and again at a hospital.

“At first, the cops went to pull me over, and in fear, I think, I ran.”

Grant told FOX40 that he got into an altercation with a deputy back in 2006 and thought it might have been the same deputy again, so he ran when they pulled him over.

Sheriff’s tell FOX40 once they caught up to him, they took him to San Juan Mercy hospital. To treat his injuries, his handcuffs were briefly removed.

“So I walked out of the hospital,” Grant says.

Deputies say Grant ran nearly a mile away before they caught up with him and booked him on three felonies and one misdemeanor.

“Look at my forehead, my back, I have a lot of injuries.”

Taking necessary actions to overcome a threat to the public is all part of protocol, authorities say.

“Anytime you have a parolee running from officers, sometimes they take extreme measures.” says Sgt. Jason Ramos with the Sheriff’s Department.


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