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College Grads with Two-Year Degrees Often Earn More than Bachelors Grads


A new study from Georgetown University shows that 30 percent of Americans with associates degrees have higher incomes than those who earned a bachelors.

The finding came as no surprise to Toni Newman, an outreach specialist with Sacramento City College.

“We are providing an educated workforce for the businesses,” Newman said.  That’s a huge part of our mission.”

Many community colleges, including Sacramento City, offer specialized training in fields that often pay employees $60,000 or more per year, including air traffic control, dental hygiene, nursing, fashion design and railroad work.

Air traffic controllers often earn triple-digit incomes.

Another part of the mission at community colleges is, as always, to prepare students to transfer to four-year institutions if they wish.  And that strategy still has its advantages.  The Georgetown study looked at the current incomes of grads.  Over the course of an entire lifetime, however, those with a bachelors degree tend to take in more money, according to the research.