King Fire Revealed to be Arson, Man Arrested

Sacramento Mayor Proposes Gun Buyback Program


Trade your gun in for a gift card – that’s the new idea Mayor Kevin Johnson announced Thursday for the City of Sacramento.

Johnson announced a revealed the city’s new gun buyback program at his annual State of the City address at Memorial Auditorium.

In light  of the deadly New Years Eve shooting on New Years Eve, the mayor expressed interest in getting guns out of the wrong hands.

But the idea has already garnered some attention from gun advocates, “The problem is, criminals won’t be returning their guns, law abiding citizens will.” Nick Kress of Just Guns toldFOX40.

Other advocates stress the lack of people actually turning their guns in, most programs end up collecting between 20 and 200 guns.

The mayor hasn’t released too much information on the plan yet. A city representative was not immediately available for comment.