Real ‘Angry Birds’ Haunting McKinley Park


“They’re aggressive,” Dennis McFadden told FOX40.

He points to his behind and shakes his head. “I was running in the park when one came up and bit my rump!”

It’s almost public knowledge around McKinley Park.

“The one pair hangs out near the rose garden,” one teenager told FOX40. According to several park goers, they are the ones causing nearly all the trouble. “They bit me randomly, I guess this is their turf,” McFadden says.

“It’s mating season,” says bird advocate and park volunteer Judy McClaver. “The males are trying to protect the females.”

There are a total of three birds in the park, known at least recently, to get rather agitated quickly. Two hang out by the rose garden, and the third is a heavier set male. All three are swans with white feathers and orange beaks.

“I am trying to get these few moved to a less populated area,” McClaver tells FOX40.

In the meantime, beware of the birds in McKinley park.

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  • GrumpySkunk

    …"All three are swans with white feathers and orange beaks."

    They look like Snow Geese…not swans.

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