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Gallon Smashing isn’t Funny to Stores, Police


Move over Harlem Shake, there’s a new dumb thing to do in front of a camera and upload to the Internet for everyone to see.

It’s called Milk Smashing or Gallon Smashing. Teenagers and 20-something boys walking through the aisles of grocery stores with a gallon of milk or juice in each hand.  Then pretending to slip with the mess going everywhere.

“These kids are opening themselves up to a lot of liability,” noted Elk Grove Police Officer Chris Trim.  “If I were a parent of one of these kids involved, I’d have a harsh discussion and make sure they weren’t participating in this.”

The truth is though, plenty of kids ARE participating and many more watching the video’s online.  The “original” gallon smashing prank was first posted Feb. 13 and it currently has more than 3 million views.

The Safeway store on Laguna Boulevard had it happen there this past Friday.  Police are sorting through the details now.

“It could be vandalism.  If someone where hurt, possibly additional chargers could be filed, but at the very least it’s vandalism,” said Trim.