Former Mayor’s Aide Pleads Guilty, Sentenced to 9 Months in Jail

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Belisa Serna-Mayorga, 40

Mugshot of Serna-Mayorga from her December arrest.


Lisa Serna-Mayorga, a former aide to Mayor Kevin Johnson, has pleaded guilty to one count stemming from her arrest for misusing city credit cards.

She has been sentenced to 9 months in jail for misappropriation of public funds and will have to pay back all the money she stole – a total of $19,043.29.

In August 2012, Sacramento Police investigated Serna-Mayorga – then the council operations manager – for supposedly racking up about $19,000 in personal expenses on credit cards designated for only official use.

She was arrested in December and was originally booked in Sacramento County Jail for charges of misappropriation of public funds, grand theft of public funds, forgery and making or drawing worthless checks.

Serna-Mayorga, the daughter of former Sacramento Mayor Joe Serna, resigned back in July 2012 when she was first accused of misconduct after an internal audit.

Along with the jail time, she was served with 5 years of probation. As a result of the conviction, Serna-Mayorga has been disqualified from ever holding public office in the state.


Ian McDonald contributed to this report.

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  • cucycln

    Why is it so hard for the media to point out that she is the daughter of former Mayor of Joe Serrna? I just had one side reporting