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Huge Numbers Expected at Gun Show

Costas Remarks Spark Another Gun Control Debate

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It’s every gun lovers dream.

Shotguns, handguns and much more will be featured at Crossroads of the West Gun Shows at Cal Expo this weekend.

But as national debate looms on new gun control laws, that could likely draw more than the 15,000 who come each year.

“A number of people are coming out to the gun shows because they are concerned for their second amendment rights. They feel like their rights are being threatened by legislators,” said coordinator Robert Templeton.

The result of those gun debates has led to a shortage of ammo nationwide, but there will be plenty at the Gun Show.

“People who are law abiding citizens who are shooters need ammo so they are coming,” said Templeton.

As Democrats fight for stricter laws like gun background checks, and a total ban on Military assault style weapons,  conservatives argue gun laws are strict enough.