FOX40 Exclusive: Youth Basketball Coach Caught with Pants Down on Craigslist


A youth basketball coach posted very explicit photos of himself on Craigslist, saying he was going to be in Sacramento Friday night and wanted to meet women.

His whole reason for being in town was that his team was competing in a California Interscholastic Federation championship game.

“I am not from sacramento so i will be traveling there to coach a girls basketball game. I will be coaching a basketball championship saturday morning and so the only time i’ll be free to play TONIGHT after 10:30PM. – which is light out for our girls,” reads a portion of the ad.

Toussaint Taylor is a volunteer on the coaching staff for the girls’ varsity basketball team at Salesian High School, a private Catholic school in Richmond. This is the second year the team has advanced to the CIF championship.

In his ad, Taylor included eight photos of his genitals and his phone number.

FOX40 contacted Coach Taylor by telephone Friday afternoon. He admitted to posting the ad, but maintained that he’d done nothing illegal. He has also reportedly been banned from the campus.

Taylor declined to speak to FOX40 on camera.

According to FOX40’s Bay Area sister station KTVU, Taylor has been ejected from tomorrow’s event and will likely have no more contact with the players.

Ian McDonald contributed to this report.

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